Baby Seal Bribie

People and dogs need to keep their distance from little seal to prevent any further stress on it.

The authorities have been notified and will be assessing the situation before taking any action regarding the little seal.

Also, jet skis need to go slowly.

One has already frightened the little seal as it noisily raced past.

Please, everyone, be kind to this little seal and do not stress it.

According to the Australia Institute’s study:  “12,500 existing mining jobs will be lost if Galilee Mines go ahead”

Mining the Galilee Basin will not just have negative environmental impacts, they will be social and economic for Australia, according to the Australia Institute.
See the attached document for more….
Galilee Basin Development employment impacts 

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The message is simple: Koala habitat must be legally protected.

The list will be made available to any group who can use it! Anyone can sign on. But we’re not yet at 1000 and the list won’t go out until we hit that number.
It is definitely not a petition it’s a lobbying tool. So for example Steve Cubio is Tourism Minister and member for Moncrieff.
So 1000 friends of koalas can send him emails which demand he supports immediate habitat legal protection in south east Queensland or 1000 Friends can send out press releases.
The list doesn’t have to be sent to politicians but we need to know there are 1000 Friends to ensure it’s legitimate. The list can grow and become 2000 etc
This is Sue Arnold’s message -1000 Koala Friends is going to be used for Federal Elections and is going to be made available to any groups who also want to use it to support their own issues.
By the same token it is also going to be useful for QLD and NSW elections because there’s no way of differentiating the emails to know whether they have come from NSW and QLD.
The primary focus is the federals but we encourage people to use them at state levels.
We’ve told all groups if they want to use the list, they are more than welcome to.

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This year, we’re focussing our collective energy into two clear directions: campaigns for climate action and campaigns for conservation.

You can read about our breakthrough in Queensland’s deforestation laws, our ongoing work in the Great Australian Bight, as well as updates on our work right across Australia.

We’ve also launched ‘Nature Laws That Work’—our ambitious new campaign to challenge the weak laws that’ve failed to protect our forests and wildlife, and replace them with stronger, more robust laws.

Australians love nature—it’s part of who we are. But our current system of laws and institutions simply cannot deal with the challenges we face. This means our own future is on the line too.

Our stunning wild places and laid-back climate make Australia a great place to live. It’s only with your generous support that we can work to keep it that way for generations to come.
I hope you enjoy reading about our work across Australia—none of which would’ve possible without the support of people like you!
Yours for nature,
Lyndon Schneiders
National Campaigns Director

Help us to protect Australia’s beautiful nature for generations to come.


National Parks Association of Queensland Inc Charity Lottery

NPAQ Annual Raffle 2018

To: Members or friends of the National Parks Association of Queensland…

This year we have teamed with Play for Purpose, a charity lottery, to run our annual raffle.

We have done this to lower our costs, meaning more of your ticket purchase price goes directly to support our conservation efforts. We have also done this because of the amazing prizes on offer: the first prize is half a million dollars of gold bullion!

There is also a $25,000 travel voucher! Overall there are 11,105 prizes with at least a 1 in 19 chance of winning.


You can check out the prizes and purchase tickets here.
Please support this fundraising raffle and help our efforts to advocate for the protection, expansion and good management of national parks in Queensland.
The draw closes on 25th September, so get your tickets now!

National Parks Association of Queensland Inc.

Graeme Bartrim, President
National Parks Association of Queensland Inc.

Authorised G Bartrim NPAQ Queensland, 10/36 Finchley St, Milton QLD 4064.

Our mailing address is:
PO Box 1040
Milton, QLD 4064