National Geographic: Symphony for Our World 
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
7:30PM, Sun 26 August

In this groundbreaking 90-minute show, Symphony for Our World combines artistry and science as it brings viewers from the depths of the sea, up to the coastlines, onto land, through mountains and into the sky. Each movement results in a powerful musical tribute to the beauty and wonders of our wild world.

This unprecedented event pairs National Geographic’s stunning natural history footage with an original symphony composed by Emmy and BAFTA nominated, Bleeding Fingers Music, performed live by a full orchestra and choir.

Premium WAS $131.40 NOW $69.00*
A Reserve WAS $121.25 NOW $59.00*
B Reserve WAS $90.65 NOW $49.00*



This Sunday on August 12, we celebrate World Elephant Day!

How much do you know about these gentle giants?

Elephants have an important symbolism around the world, representing strength and power in many African cultures, and wisdom and eternity in some Asian cultures.

Did you know, the elephant’s trunk is one of the most sensitive organs found in any mammal species, with 150,000 muscles?

Asian elephants have been seen to pick up a peanut, shell it, blow the shell away and eat the nut, all with deft movements of their trunk. We’re nut joking!

Elephants are nature’s landscape designers, creating gaps in dense vegetation as they graze, feeding on tree sprouts to keep the savannas clear, and spreading seeds and fertilising the earth with their dung.

They are essential in balancing forest and savanna ecosystems, but their habitats are shrinking. African elephant habitat has declined by over 50% since 1979, while Asian elephants are restricted to just 15% of their original range.

Learn more about elephants

What’s threatening our elephants?

Around 30,000 African elephants are poached every year, with illegal trade of elephant ivory at its highest level for 20 years.We’re working to train and equip anti-poaching patrols in Africa and Asia, as well as working with governments and local communities to reduce conflict between elephants and people.

Do your bit and say no to elephant ivory products this World Elephant Day.
Copyright © 2018 WWF International, All rights reserved.


We have received the final itinerary for the Sunshine Coast Spring Wildflower Festival 2018.

BIEPA’s is the last on the programme – Sunday 2nd September.
Download the Wildflower Festival 2018 Program and please peruse the wonderful walks you can do and hopefully, you will be able to partake in some of the Festival events besides, of course, the BIEPA Walk!!!
Do mark your calendars and we will see you on Sunday 2nd September at 8 am – meeting corner Protea and Cotterill Ave, Bongaree.
We’ve already had a reconnoitre and our Wallum Heathland is looking lovely and healthy.  We should have a good showing of wildflowers.
And, don’t worry, we will remind you again closer to the date!!

Preventing Plastic Pollution Trivia Night

It’s trivia time! Welcome in semester 2 with new waste free goodies, new friends and a new attitude on plastic pollution!  

Get your tickets here 

Come one, come all- to USC Eco’s
2nd annual Plastic Pollution Trivia Night!

The University of the Sunshine Coast Environment Collective USC Eco would like to invite you to our 2nd annual Plastic Pollution Trivia Night! If you are not familiar with us, USC Eco is a socially aware environmental action group made up of university students active on campus and beyond in raising awareness on environmental issues both local and further afield.

This year our trivia night has not only a new venue but a new host as well! We welcome Anthony Hill from Plastic Pollution Solutions, as our MC and trivia expert for the evening. This year we encourage all participants to head on down to CVA’s beach clean up on Saturday the 28th of July~ where you will learn some prior information on what marine debris is exactly doing to our environment *hint* this might have some use on the night!!

On the evening you can expect:

– Food platters*

– Lucky door prizes*

– Trivia questions just for the young ones (with free entry for kids under 5yrs and special prizes to match as well)

– Prizes for our top three winning teams!

– Bonus round prizes

– Beverages for purchase

Where: The Wharf Tavern, Mooloolaba

When: Wednesday, August 1st

Cost: $12 per person or $10 at the door 

So gather your friends, family, teammates or coworkers and build a team of up to 10, once tickets are purchased start devising a team name and bring your A- game; because as we hear it, there are some trivia buffs around! The night starts from 5:30 onwards, however, trivia begins at approximately 6:30 pm (for those of you who travel from work).

We only ask that if you have straws- bring them yourself as we’re going old school and limiting our use of plastic!

In the spirit of the evening, and the reason why we’re all working to reduce our reliance on plastics is the detriment it’s having on our environment. Therefore, USC Eco are donating all profits made to The Sea Turtle Foundation, as these animals are some of the most heavily affected by plastic pollution. 

Now for the nitty gritty stuff…

T’s & C’s:

– Food platters are purchased for $60 at the discretion of each table (each platter will contain a variety of nibblies and kid-friendly food such as party pies and will feed up to 10 people)

– Service of alcohol is strictly 18+ and will be sold at the discretion of the Wharf Taverns bartenders on the evening

– USC Eco have a zero tolerance for drunk driving, disorderly behaviour and the use of derogatory, offensive and defamatory language. The Wharf Tavern and USC Eco, therefore, reserve the right to remove anyone from the event found to be diverging from the family-friendly behaviour expected

– The lucky door prize is at the cost of a gold coin donation

– All allergies must be advised when making bookings

– All children must be supervised by a responsible adult

– HAVE FUN!!! 

Boronia falcifolia

Come and Walk with us on the Wallum

Sunday 2 September

8 – 11am

As part of the Sunshine Coast Wildflower Festival, the Bribie Island Environmental Protection Association (BIEPA) welcomes you to join their annual Spring Wildflower Walk.

Enjoy a guided bush walk with local wildflower enthusiasts.

Bring a hat, sunscreen, camera, walking shoes, refreshments and binoculars to see the birds.

Bookings:  No booking required.

Meet at:  Corner Cotterill Avenue and Protea Drive, Bongaree, Bribie Island. (UBD Map 53/H16)

For further info ph. 0438 111 163