May Meeting – AGM

May Meeting

May 23rd 7pm Hector Holthouse Room – Bribie Island Library

We would like to remind you that the next BIEPA meeting on 23rd May is the Annual General Meeting where the 2015-2016 BIEPA Management Committee will stand down and nominations will be put forward and voted on to elect a new 2016-2017 BIEPA Management Committee. If anyone wishes to nominate someone for the Committee as well as vote at the AGM, then we would like to remind you that all parties need to be paid up members.


See attached POSTER for more information. See you on Monday night for another informative BIEPA meeting. Also… Members need to have their membership paid up to nominate committee and to vote.

Download the May Poster
May Meeting

APRIL Meeting

Guest Speaker: Dr. Adrian Ward

Global Change Institute, University of Queensland

Dr ward attended the Paris Climate Accord and agreed to give BIEPA members an update on what nations are doing to implement the accord.

April Poster

MARCH Meeting

Guest Speaker: Dr. Mark O’Donahue

CEO of Australian Water Recycling, Centre of Excellence at the University of Queensland

Is a new desalination plant the only way to supply SEQ’s water supply needs in the future?

March Poster


Guest Speaker: Toby Hutcheon, Boomerang Alliance

Toby spoke about the Cash for Containers campaign that is gathering momentum in NSW and Queensland. (It is already happening in South Australia) Australians are convincing their politicians that this is the best way to deal with the litter issues plaguing our beautiful landscape and waterways.

It’s our job to convince our own political representatives (local, state, federal) to add their signatures of support for this campaign. (“Where the people lead the politicians will follow!”)

AND, Natrasha (the turtle) was on hand as a reminder of the urgent need for this Plastic Pollution Revolution.


Guest Speaker: Prof Rob Capon, Insitute for Molecular Bioscience University of Queensland

Cane toads were introduced into Australia in 1935 and have subsequently become a most invasive pest.

Efforts to control them have seen largely ineffective until now. Recently an infestation of cane toad tadpoles was observed at the mouth of Freshwater Creek and reported to BIEPA.

The Environment Dept. at MBRC was contacted and some field trials of Rob’s cane toad tadpole traps were set up.

Rob discussed his technique and the success he has recently achieved in applying his methods in Freshwater Creek.