Woorim Foreshore Community DayOur celebration of World Wetlands Day was quite WET and you may have decided not to attend because of the weather.
Friday 9th March at 8am
BIEPA members are invited to join the Rotary Club of Bribie Island and Conservation Volunteers of Australia (formerly WetlandCare Australia http://www.wetlandcare.com.au.) to enjoy a day of caring for the sensitive dune system and riparian habitat along the Woorim foreshore.
You will be planting endemic plants alongside other caring community members to ensure a healthy habitat for our endangered loggerhead turtles, migratory shorebirds and other resident birds and wildlife that call our coastal dunes home.
See attached Woorim Foreshore Community Day for more information.
We look forward to seeing you there.
From your BIEPA Management Committee.

The Joint Report was released on “National Threatened Species Day” – 7th September.

RSPCA Queensland records show that rescues of forest-dependent wildlife more than tripled from 2,331 in 2011 to 7,950 in 2016, with much of this increase put down to habitat destruction.

QLD This coincides with the news that more than 1 million hectares has been cleared in the past 4 years in Queensland.

Bulldozing of forests in Queensland has killed tens of millions of the wild Australian animals living there.

Why are we allowing this to happen? Who is responsible for allowing this to happen?
Scientists estimate tree-clearing in Queensland now kills 34 million animals each year: 900,000 mammals like koalas, possums, flying foxes and gliders, 2.6 million birds like cockatoos and 30.6 million reptiles including goannas, dragons, skinks and native geckos.

Koalas are front and centre of this animal welfare crisis and we all must do something to halt the carnage that has our native vegetation and wildlife on a fast track to extinction.

We are fast losing what makes Queensland, “Queensland”.

Please read more here: http://www.wwf.org.au/news/news/2017/tree-clearing-causing-queenslands-greatest-animal-welfare-crisis#gs.AvlXalw.

BIEPA Management Committee


Did you know more than 80% of koalas have disappeared from Queensland’s Koala Coast due to excessive tree clearing? BIEPA was shocked too. That’s why BIEPA emailed a KIMBY (Koala In My Back Yard) to the Queensland Government to protect the habitat of koalas and other Australian wildlife.

Will you send one too?
Visit www.wwf.org.au/savekoalas to send yours now!”

It’s World Turtle Day today. Here’s one little hatching running the gauntlet of seagulls on Heron Island last month.
Run baby turtle run…good luck little one!
Video from the Queensland Conservation Council

Run hatching run

It's World Turtle Day today. Here's one little hatching running the gauntlet of seagulls on Heron Island last month. Run baby turtle run…good luck little one!

Posted by Queensland Conservation Council on Monday, 22 May 2017

Wonderful Wallum!

Some 70 participants joined BIEPA’s annual “Wonders of the Wallum” Wildflower Walk on Sunday 28 August, through bushland off Hornsby Road, Bellara. This event is part of the Wildflower Festival organised by the Sunshine Coast Council.
The weather was perfect, many of the flower species were at their best, and the groups of walkers appreciated the knowledge and experience of our Guides – Allan Carr from Native Plants Queensland and John Ward from the Bribie Wallum Action Group and Community Nursery.

Also present on the Walk was Michael Strong, Director of Turnstone Archaeology, who responded to questions about the Aboriginal history of the area. BIEPA would like to thank them all for their valued contribution to the success of this event.
We hope all participants had an enjoyable and interesting morning. We look forward to welcoming you again next year!