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Our Guest Speaker: Robyn Moffat,

Manager, Environmental Services MBRC

We welcomed back Robyn Moffat and staff from MBRC’s Environmental Services Division. Robyn provided an update on various MBRC environmental activities. Some of the subjects Robyn discussed included Vegetation Protection at the National, State and Local levels with a focus on regional protection mechanisms and compliance including those at MBRC; an update on support for community groups through initiatives like Landcare, Green Army and Land for Wildlife; the current Lyngbya outbreak; and Coastal Hazard Adaptation Planning Robyn and her team will be happy to answer queries.

February Poster


Guest Speaker: Peter Sellens, CSA Services, Solar Council of Australia

With its dry climate and latitude, Australia has the greatest solar energy potential of virtually any country in the world. It is not surprising therefore, that over 1.4 million households have installed PV systems with a total capacity of around 4,100 MW. These systems account for around 1.1% of Australia’s electricity production.
There is much information and misinformation out there about solar systems. Some say they are driving up electricity prices.
Some say the opposite. Some say they are destabilizing the electrical grid. Some say this is nonsense.
Peter will give an outline on solar energy today, what might happen in the future, and is happy to answer questions.

November Poster

Guest Speaker: Matt Karle Manager, Sth Qld Compliance , Environmental Services and Regulation.

We are excited to be able to advise you that we have been able to engage, as our October Guest Speaker, Mr Matt Karle, Manager, South Queensland Compliance, Environmental Services and Regulation in the State Government’s Dept of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP).

This will be a very enlightening evening for BIEPA members and visitors about how our natural assets and environment are protected by policy and legislation and how that is applied and enforced.

See attached poster for more information.

October Poster

We are looking forward to our next BIEPA meeting Guest Speaker, Michael Savige, who will be talking about his involvement in important marine turtle conservation research, especially into the plight of Raine Island’s nesting green turtle population, when he worked with Dr Col Limpus in the Dept of Environment and Resource Management (now DEHP). More information on attached poster.
The nesting green turtle population on Raine Island is under threat and the island’s role as a turtle sanctuary is in danger of collapse.

Please view the 3 minute video linked here for a preview of some of what Michael will be sharing with you.

September Poster