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BIEPA reminds you that World Environment Day is returning to the Maroochydore Rotary Park at Cotton Tree. 10am – 5pm Sunday 2nd June!! This event is hosted by the Sunshine Coast Environment Council (SCEC) and BIEPA will have a stall again this year, spreading the word about Bribie Island’s internationally protected Fauna and Flora Sanctuary – the Jewel of Moreton Bay Marine Park.

Come and visit us and enjoy this amazing day where over 100 community groups, food vendors (delicious & healthy), musicians, exhibitors, including demonstrations of the latest in renewable energy technology; electric cars; permaculture; tiny house design; etc.

Celebrate and take action for our local environment. World Environment Day is the United Nations day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our valuable environmental infrastructure and assets.

Since World Environment Day began in 1974, the event has grown to become a global platform for public outreach that is widely celebrated in over 100 countries. Each year the day is centred around a theme, this year’s theme is air pollution. Unfortunately, 91% of people live in places where air quality falls below World Health Organisation limits and 90 out of 193 countries do not have vehicle emission standards. World Environment Day is a global day for people to take action. There are many small steps we can take that collectively can have a big difference, learn more here:

Boronia falcifolia (Wallum boronia)

Mark your calendars for Sunday, 1st September 2019.  Attached is BIEPA’s Poster announcing the 2019 Wonders of the Wallum Spring Wildflower Walk on Bribie Island.  (Poster in jpeg and pdf). 

For more than 20 years BIEPA has hosted the Wonders of the Wallum Spring Wildflower Walk on Bribie Island.  In 2008, BIEPA was invited to be part of the Sunshine Coast Spring Wildflower Festival itinerary.  

BIEPA has walked wildflower enthusiasts through Wallum heathland in different locations.  Since 2014 BIEPA has hosted the event in an area BIEPA saved in 1998  from being rezoned for canal development and successfully lobbied to have it designated as National Park in 2007.

This year the Sunshine Coast Spring Wildflower Festival will be held in the last two weeks of August.  BIEPA has booked Sunday 1st September (last day of Festival) as the date for BIEPA’s Wonders of the WallumSpring Wildflower Walk on Bribie Island.   When the itinerary is finalised, BIEPA will send it to you so you can choose to enjoy the Sunshine Coast’s diversity of Spring Wildflowers throughout the Festival’s full two weeks of events.



The Sunshine Coast Spring Wildflower Festival is an annual, Spring event to celebrate the beautiful display of wildflowers on the Sunshine Coast. The Festival was developed in 1967 by Kathleen McArthur, an artist, author, environmentalist and founding member of the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland.  (See BIEPA News, May 2019 edition).  Since its humble beginnings the Festival has grown each year with the support of local community groups hosting activities.   


The Wildflower Festival provides free, public guided walks and activities across the Sunshine Coast. From Bribie Island to Noosa National Park people can immerse themselves in Nature. Discover the diversity of native, flowering plants in our local environment.

The BIEPA Management Committee is already planning for this popular event on Bribie Island.


Download the poster > POSTER – WFW 2019

Come and support Conservation Volunteers Australia and Rotary by joining them in the Community Tree Planting Day along the Woorim Foreshore at 9am Wednesday 29th May 2019.
{We will be replanting trees and vegetation that were planted by the community only a couple of years ago, but were destroyed by a recent fire in the dunes.}
WHERE:  Corner of North Street and Eighth Ave, Woorim (Rotary Park)
See attached poster for more information on how to RSVP, what to expect and what to wear.
We look forward to seeing you there.
From your BIEPA Management Committee
It is becoming increasingly frustrating for the environmental community to protect Moreton Bay Marine Park’s unique and internationally and nationally protected wildlife.  Protected under international conservation agreements since 1991 (Conservation of Migratory Species CMS) and 1993 (Ramsar Convention on Wetlands) and the Australian EPBC Act 1999.
What a turnout we had for the Pelicans last weekend.  Thank you for your wonderful support.  It was a day for everyone from all walks of life to come together as a community to protect a Bribie Island icon.
Sadly, we tend to be nostalgic for an image of what we think identifies Bribie to the world.  Yes, our pelicans perched on the light fixtures on the Bribie bridge have become a symbol for residents, visitors and families who choose to enjoy our natural environment and seaside attractions.  Crossing the Bribie Bridge is synonymous with “relaxing and leaving the rest of the world behind”.  And, we all love that feeling when we cross the Bridge.
Now it is time to be really active in protecting a bird species that is not so “clear and present” as the pelican but is in “danger” of extinction. This bird, the Eastern Curlew, and its protected habitat is threatened by an inappropriate and profiteering development on Toondah Harbour wetlands. Essentially turning this natural asset into a concrete jungle.  The Eastern Curlew is also resident at Bribie Island’s Buckley’s Hole and Kakadu Beach which are Ramsar protected wetlands and foreshore that host a myriad of migratory shorebirds each year.
BIEPA (at the invitation of BirdLife Australia) is inviting you to attend a DRAWING A LINE IN THE MUD TO SAVE OUR TOONDAH WETLANDS event at 8am Saturday 11th May 2019  at GJ Walter Park, North Street, Cleveland. 4163.  Bring your own picnic breakfast or partake of a free sausage sizzle.

If you plan on being in the MUD, don’t risk your best footwear.

This event has now passed – read about it here    …    Support Birdlife
This is a great outcome to be shared and celebrated. We won’t settle for anything less!

Attached are two posters with all the information you will need to make your decision to support this event.
We look forward to seeing you there, supporting and protecting our endangered shorebirds and their habitat.
from BIEPA Management Committee

We hope you will come and March for the Pelicans.

No doubt you are aware of the concerns local residents are expressing about the loss of Bribie’s pelicans that for decades have roosted on the light poles along the Bribie Bridge.
The lights have been changed to more economic LEDs, but that meant a change in the design which has destroyed the pelicans’ roosting habitat.
The destruction of this long-standing and iconic “welcome” on the Bridge to Bribie Island is a loss not only to an essential part of Bribie’s character, but Bribie’s natural assets.  The pelicans are a protected species under the Moreton Bay Marine Park (designated in 1992); the UN Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species (signed by Australia in 1991); the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands (signed by Queensland and Australia in 1993) and the Commonwealth Government’s EPBC Act (1999).
These commitments by our governments protect Bribie Island’s Fauna and Flora.  Resident and migratory species.
The pelicans do not breed locally, they migrate to inland lakes, Lake Eyre.
During the time the pelicans are resident on Bribie Island, the light poles on the Bribie Bridge have become an integral part of their roosting habitat and with the protections for the pelicans and their habitat that are in place, this habitat loss could have been avoided if due process in the decision making had been followed.  The roosting sites on the Bridge should be reinstated or alternative like-roosting sites provided.
There will be an item about the issue on the 6 o’clock Channel 7 News tonight.
Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday morning.
BIEPA Management Committee