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Welcome to the May edition of Nurture! We hope that whilst you’ve been dreaming of attending the upcoming 2018 Healthy Land and Water Awards, you’ve also had time to stop and bask in some positive signs that South East Queensland is intensifying its war on plastic. Indeed, plastic pollution was a major theme of the month with Brisbane City Council announcing they will phase-out single-use plastics and the launch of our Stemming The Tide campaign! Read on for the juicy details.

2018 Awards Gala Dinner tickets on sale now

The 2018 Healthy Land and Water Awards Gala Dinner is fast approaching and now is the perfect time to secure your ticket at the special early-bird price of $135 (on sale until 20 June). The prestigious gala dinner offers you a golden opportunity to recognise and celebrate South East Queensland’s environment heroes. By attending you will gain a fascinating insight into the many innovative environment projects being undertaken throughout the region and have a chance to network alongside community, government and industry leaders who share a passion to protect our environment.

Come along and enjoy drinks and canapes under the stars in King George Square and then a three-course meal beneath the backdrop of the iconic Brisbane City Hall auditorium. To really get the most out of the night, why not join with friends and colleagues and enjoy the gala dinner in style by purchasing a table of ten for $1350. Ticket sales for the gala dinner close 18 July. Don’t miss out!

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Brisbane City Council ditches single-use plastics

Brisbane City Council has announced it will phase out single-use items including straws, plastic bottles and balloons from all council-sponsored events! The news is a huge boost for the environment and particularly our marine friends in the Brisbane River and Moreton Bay. Well done BCC and everyone who brought awareness to the issue! Read why Healthy Land and Water CEO Julie McLellan believes this is such a crucial step in the fight against plastic pollution.
Read what Julie had to say

‘Stemming The Tide’ campaign launches

Suzette Collins and Caitlin Murphy from community group Freedom, Empowerment and Love (FEAL).
Can you feel the changing tide? In recent months, awareness of the environmental damage caused by plastic pollution has increased. To keep the conversation rolling, we’ve gone and launched ‘Stemming The Tide’, a series of feature stories showcasing the projects and initiatives aiming to clean up our oceans and waterways. First to be featured is Gold Coast environmentalists Suzette Collins and Caitlin Murphy, who are tackling cigarette butt pollution and have already collected 10,000 discarded cigarettes! Their story is inspiring. Look out for more stories on our website and Facebook page, and if you want to be featured, get in touch now.

Community project hands lifeline to rare moth

            FOCS members on-site at Peachester.                                      A restored section of Cahill’s Scrub Reserve.
How good is this! A passionate group of residents known as Friends of Cahill’s Scrub (FOCS) are working hard alongside Sunshine Coast Council on a restoration project that could eventually provide the endangered pink underwing moth an ideal breeding habitat on the Sunny Coast.
Read about their inspiring work

Shell-ebrations highlight value of SEQ’s turtles

It was World Turtle Day on May 23! In honour of our majestic marine friends, we grabbed Healthy Land and Water’s Dr Paul Maxwell and got him to explain why turtles are so important to South East Queensland’s marine ecosystems like Moreton Bay and the Great Barrier Reef. You might be surprised by what he told us!
Read more about the importance of turtles

Workshops helping graziers improve operations

Graziers walked away armed with new methods to improve their cattle operations following a free Healthy Land and Water workshop at Oaky Creek in the Scenic Rim last week. Attendees learnt all about soil health, erosion control and animal monitoring during a hands-on day hosted by cattle expert Graham Hand. It was the latest in a series of workshops aimed at teaching landholders and graziers new methods of streamlining their operations and increasing profits.
Read more about the workshops

Upcoming Workshops…

Innovation in Erosion Gully Control
Saturday 16 June 2018
9:00am – 11:00pm
Mount Forbes
FreeCome along and learn about a new material and construction method planned for installing weirs on your property. Attendees will witness the design and construction process on-site at the location of a planned weir at Mount Forbes.
Grab a ticket now
The Green Light Tour
28 June 2018Turning urban greening policy into action, the Green Light is a five-stop national tour to help build capacity in local councils by sharing the latest policy updates, best-practice case studies and up to date research on greening.

Learn more
Climbing the Little Liverpool Range
30 June 2018Come for the amazing views of Main Range National Park and stay for a comprehensive insight into the collaborative approach to conservation through sustainable agriculture and land management across the Range.

Join in
Peaks to Points Festival
14 – 29 July 2018Peaks to Points Festival is an array of events and activities focusing on important environmental and sustainability issues for South Brisbane including Ipswich, Logan and Redlands.
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Finally, a Safe Home for Koalas in QLD!

The vital laws to help stop excessive tree-clearing in Queensland have just been passed! 

Over a year ago, we exposed the tree-clearing crisis in QLD and the devastating effect it was having on our Aussie wildlife.

With over 80% of koalas already lost from Queensland’s Koala Coast, there wasn’t a moment to lose.

By sending your KIMBY and with your generous support, you helped us put the spotlight on our iconic yet vulnerable koalas, and that message was heard loud and clear.

Thanks to you, over half a million emails have now been sent to key Queensland politicians, letting them know that you want to see ‘Koalas In My Backyard.’

Here’s what you helped achieve:


Thank you for being a voice for QLD’s koalas. We did it!

But the work isn’t over, we’ll be ensuring the QLD laws are adopted.

Meanwhile, in NSW tree-clearing laws are still threatening the lives of koalas. With your support, we won’t stop until all koalas have a safe place to call home. We’ll be in touch again soon to let you know how you can help in the next critical part of the plan!

Darren Grover 
Head of Living Ecosystems 


The vote on our marine parks could be next week.
Act now to save our sanctuaries.

The Turnbull Government’s proposed plans would slash our marine sanctuaries. It would be equivalent to removing almost every second national park on land. Your Federal Senators could be voting on the future of our national network of marine sanctuaries as early as next week.

Please sign the petition telling your Senators to stand up to these cutbacks. Tell them to fight for our marine sanctuaries, now and into the future.

Sign Now for our Marine Sanctuaries

Hundreds of thousands of Australians have voiced their support for marine sanctuaries over years of consultation. We achieved a world leading sanctuary network to protect our most precious ocean wonders. But then there were brutal cutbacks.

The Turnbull Government’s new marine park plans ignore decades of science, the advice of their own independent review and the wishes of local communities. They’re robbing our oceans of the protection they desperately need.

Many of Australia’s marine icons would be slashed: including one of Australia’s oldest sanctuaries at Lord Howe Island, Geographe Bay in southwest WA, the Gulf of Carpentaria, and the Kimberley. Worst hit is the Coral Sea – the cradle to the Great Barrier Reef and one of the last wild places on Earth where the ocean giants of the Pacific still thrive.

Stand up for our marine icons. Please sign the petition today.

YES – I stand for our marine sanctuaries

We are committed. We must fight for the full return of our sanctuaries – and we are asking that our representatives in Federal Parliament make the same commitment. With an election potentially as soon as this year, we have a powerful opportunity to let all parties know that the future of our oceans is a critical issue.

It took years of fighting, but we secured the very first Great Barrier Reef Marine Park in the face of opposition like this. We can do it again.

Will you sign the petition now to tell our Senators these plans are not good enough?

Hundreds of thousands of Australians banded together to help create our National Network of marine sanctuaries before they were brutally cut back. They won’t be returned unless we fight for them.

For our oceans,
Adele Pedder
P.S. This may biggest fight for our oceans we’ve ever faced. We are standing for a future in which our oceans are protected from climate change, industrialisation, and unsustainable fishing practices. Will you help us realise that vision?
Chip in to support our marine sanctuaries campaign at this critical moment.

As we announced in our February BIEPA NEWS, BIEPA no longer uses the services of the Commonwealth Bank.

BIEPA now banks with the Bank of Queensland (BOQ).

If you wish to make a bank transfer for your membership fees, you can carry that out using BIEPA’s BOQ General Account details as follows:  BSB Number: 124390; Account Number: 22657983.

If you wish to make a Tax Deductible donation to the BIEPA Public Environment, you can carry that out using BIEPA’s BOQ Public Environment Account details as follows:  BSB Number: 124390; Account Number: 22671143.


We look forward to seeing you at the BIEPA AGM Monday 28th May 2018.

If you have not been able to pay your membership fees before the AGM and would like to pay them on the evening of the meeting , could you please arrive half an hour early (at least by 6:30pm) and our Treasurer, Lia with an assistant, will be stationed outside the meeting room in the corridor to attend to you.

Membership Renewal and BIEPA Mgmt Committee Nomination forms are attached to the Next Meeting Notice, for your convenience.

If you wish to post them, please address to: