The meeting is at Sandstone Point Community Centre (behind the IGA).

Tonight Wednesday 19th October 2019

We have compiled the information attached with the best intentions to provide as much factual information as could be found on the subject of seaweed farms.
We sent questions to Ian Tuart, who was a BIEPA Guest Speaker in June 2018 talking on his research into seaweed farms, who took time to answer them for us.  We also read the research studies Ian sent to us.
We recommend you read the Swedish study we have linked.
You may wish to attend this meeting for your own information.
The images below link to the complete documents. 

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We’ve teamed up with seasoned investigative journalist Michael West to lift the lid on the toxic stranglehold that Big Coal has over our political system.

We didn’t anticipate the scale of what we uncovered: a secretive network behind coal’s dirty power that has infiltrated Australia federal government to its core.

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Exclusive: we've teamed up with seasoned investigative journalist Michael West to lift the lid on the toxic stranglehold…

Posted by Greenpeace Australia Pacific on Tuesday, 7 May 2019


At BIEPA’s Annual General Meeting, held 27th May, a new Management Committee was elected.

They are: Diane Oxenford (President); Kathleen Catalan (Vice President); Jenny Walker (Secretary); Roger Platt (Treasurer); and Committee Members Lia Saint-Smith and Ron Ward.


Download the AGM 2019 report: MEDIA – 2019 AGM_ Priority Goals.

It is becoming increasingly frustrating for the environmental community to protect Moreton Bay Marine Park’s unique and internationally and nationally protected wildlife.  Protected under international conservation agreements since 1991 (Conservation of Migratory Species CMS) and 1993 (Ramsar Convention on Wetlands) and the Australian EPBC Act 1999.
What a turnout we had for the Pelicans last weekend.  Thank you for your wonderful support.  It was a day for everyone from all walks of life to come together as a community to protect a Bribie Island icon.
Sadly, we tend to be nostalgic for an image of what we think identifies Bribie to the world.  Yes, our pelicans perched on the light fixtures on the Bribie bridge have become a symbol for residents, visitors and families who choose to enjoy our natural environment and seaside attractions.  Crossing the Bribie Bridge is synonymous with “relaxing and leaving the rest of the world behind”.  And, we all love that feeling when we cross the Bridge.
Now it is time to be really active in protecting a bird species that is not so “clear and present” as the pelican but is in “danger” of extinction. This bird, the Eastern Curlew, and its protected habitat is threatened by an inappropriate and profiteering development on Toondah Harbour wetlands. Essentially turning this natural asset into a concrete jungle.  The Eastern Curlew is also resident at Bribie Island’s Buckley’s Hole and Kakadu Beach which are Ramsar protected wetlands and foreshore that host a myriad of migratory shorebirds each year.
BIEPA (at the invitation of BirdLife Australia) is inviting you to attend a DRAWING A LINE IN THE MUD TO SAVE OUR TOONDAH WETLANDS event at 8am Saturday 11th May 2019  at GJ Walter Park, North Street, Cleveland. 4163.  Bring your own picnic breakfast or partake of a free sausage sizzle.

If you plan on being in the MUD, don’t risk your best footwear.

This event has now passed – read about it here    …    Support Birdlife
This is a great outcome to be shared and celebrated. We won’t settle for anything less!

Attached are two posters with all the information you will need to make your decision to support this event.
We look forward to seeing you there, supporting and protecting our endangered shorebirds and their habitat.
from BIEPA Management Committee