Community Workshops on Flying Foxes


Council is hosting a couple of community workshops on flying foxes (with the rather obvious intent of putting out some positive info on bats to counter some of the negative experiences people have with bats in their areas).

We wondered if you can help us market the two workshops upcoming, using your email lists to members or newsletters, or your Facebook pages. You may wish to advertise the kids’ workshop in September first and then the adults’ workshop for November can be advertised a few weeks later. Up to you!

  1. Workshop for kids/families at CREEC, Burpengary
    Saturday 29 September, 9-11am
    FREE, bookings preferred

The Bat Man, Les Hall, has a lifelong interest in flying foxes – and will describe why they can be good, bad and batty. Come and discover what’s to like about bats.

  1. Workshop for adults at Yuraba Conference Centre, Church Rd, Eatons Hill
    Saturday 3 November, 2-4pm
    FREE, bookings preferred

Presented by leading expert on bats, Dr Les Hall, this balanced workshop provides information on the ecology of flying foxes, their unique characteristics, their importance as pollinators and highlights some of the issues relating to their increasingly urban habitat.

Photo attached: Grey headed bat feeding on banksia

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