Bribie Island is not only a sanctuary for protected flora and fauna
but a sanctuary for its residents.
And BIEPA members work to protect that “sanctuary” status.



For over 40 years BIEPA has been Caring for our special habitat and its residents.

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the Bribie Island Environmental Protection Association, please see details in the BIEPA Constitution

Bribie Island’s natural environment is what attracts most people to live and visit the Island. Bribie Island offers a lifestyle that is out of the ordinary. It is not the ugly concrete jungle that has blighted the Gold Coast. However, development and urbanization continue to be a real threat to the lifestyle people chose when they moved to Bribie Island and the Sunshine Coast.

The constant pressure developers exert on politicians to allow unsustainable land clearing and urbanization between Noosa and Coolangatta raises the concern that our once beautiful natural assets and the environment will be turned into a contiguous Noosagatta.

Environmental groups have taken up the challenge to ensure the future integrity of the remaining 11 km of what was once 30 km of the Inter-Urban Break between the northern urban edge of Moreton Bay and the southern urban edge of the Sunshine Coast.

If you have concerns that Bribie Island’s natural environs are under threat then you may wish to join and work with BIEPA.

As a BIEPA member, you will be afforded the opportunity to be kept informed of developments foreseen for Bribie and surrounds. For example: Infrastructure, commercial, industrial and residential proposals that may have impacts on the environment and residents’ lifestyle - either positive or negative.

Bribie Island is a sand island with a honeycomb of freshwater aquifers on which fragile and unique flora and fauna depend. Much of the Island is National Park and its wetlands and migratory birds and turtles, protected by international conservation treaties.

On the Pacific Ocean side, Bribie has 30 kilometres of expansive vegetated sand dunes, that are habitat for birds, wildlife and nesting turtles.

On the Pumicestone Passage side, Bribie has some sandy beaches and long stretches of mangroves that are fish nurseries.

Membership is $20 per family and $15 for single person.

Direct Bank Deposit Details
Bank of Queensland, BIEPA General Account
BSB: 124 390
Account no: 22657983, with your surname as the reference.

Please ALSO: Click, Download, Print and Complete the appropriate form on this Page, then bring it to a meeting or post to:
P.O. Box 350, Bribie Island, Qld, 4507

Membership Application Form 2020-2021 Membership Renewal Form

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BIEPA’s meetings and various activities give members the opportunity to get together in the common interest of learning about and protecting our special environment.

The Guest Speakers invited to BIEPA’s monthly meetings are always interesting and knowledgeable. Meetings are friendly and relaxed and anyone is welcome to attend.

BIEPA uses email, Facebook and Australia Post (when necessary) to keep Members, Affiliates and Interested Parties updated on current issues, monthly meetings and monthly editions of the BIEPA News.

The federal, state and local representatives for the electorate are on the BIEPA email list and receive notice of monthly meetings. Some attend meetings when they can.

BIEPA enjoys affiliations with other environmental and community organizations.
For example:

  • Environmental Defenders Office
  • Queensland Conservation Council
  • Sunshine Coast Environment Council
  • National Parks Association of Queensland
  • SEQ Catchments
  • Friends of Woorim
  • Moreton Bay Eco Alliance
  • Moreton Bay Community Alliance
and others.

These organizations provide invaluable support and collaboration on many projects and campaigns. These affiliations open avenues for members to become involved in a diversity of interests and projects.

BIEPA’s broad access to resources allows members to be involved in environmental advocacy, projects and education. There is never a dull moment for BIEPA members.

  • Attacks on Wildlife

    Following a number of attacks on wildlife near Buckleys Hole Conservation Park, BIEPA lobbied for a ban on exercising dogs off-leash in this area. This was partially successful, resulting in a reducti

  • Cane Toad Challenge Project

    BIEPA became an active participant in the Cane Toad Challenge Project, launched by Prof. Rob Capon of the University of QLD and which is ruled by a strict code of ethics relating to humane treatment o

  • BIEPA published “Bribie Birds”

    an attractive guide, richly illustrated with original photographs, to the numerous bird species seen on or around the Island. Copies of the Book are available for purchase here.

  • Pulp and Paper Mill
    Proposed Pulp and Paper Mill Stopped

    Proposed pulp and paper mill opposed and stopped. Brisbane's off-shore  islands were fighting for their future in the early '80s when the government proposed the introduction of a pulp paper mill.

  • Buckley’s Hole
    Saved Buckley’s Hole

    1992 Buckley’s Hole saved from becoming a marina - now a Ramsar protected wetland.