Your Invitation – AELA Earth Arts Creative Retreat
15-18 June 2018, Chenrezig Institute, Sunshine Coast


You are invited to a special four-day intensive arts retreat that provides the tools and knowledge, in a well-paced program, to re-imagine our relationships with the interconnected community of life.


The Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA) invites interested people to come together to develop deep thinking, activity plans, artworks, resources and initiatives based on Earth jurisprudence. Earth jurisprudence is a new legal theory and growing social movement. It proposes that we rethink the underpinning governance structures of industrialised society – including our legal, political and economic systems – so that they support, rather than undermine, the integrity and health of the Earth community.


AELA’s Earth Arts Retreat involves experienced practitioners sharing their skills and knowledge to assist you to explore and research Earth jurisprudence and its links to art and governance. You will be provided with a space to reflect, devise, instigate,
collaborate and activate ideas about Earth centred governance and legal systems that recognise the rights of nature.







You will be guided by expert facilitators from the fields of Indigenous knowledge,
contemporary law/governance, environmental humanities, the arts and social activism to comprehensively explore the challenges that confront us. Areas to be covered include:


  • How to create and embed an Earth centred paradigm in Australian society
  • How arts and other creative processes can inform, delight and stimulate people to shift from human-centred to Earth-centred perspectives
  • How to collaborate effectively, to build on AELA’s success in increasing understanding about Earth centred law and governance in Australia.


The aims of the retreat are to:

  • Provide interaction with experts in the fields of Earth laws, governance,
  • Indigenous knowledge systems and ecology
  • Provide a space to develop outputs in individual and collaborative processes
  • Provide opportunities for peer-to-peer feedback and individual reflection to assist with developing specific outputs as well as overall practice areas
  • Build a networked community capable of using the language and ideas associated with Earth jurisprudence and to support individual efforts to use them within the broader arts and general communities
  • Share a range of techniques to help develop skills in planning and collaborating with participants, and to activate audiences involved with these processes and the outputs of them.
  • Devise strategies and implement plans to embed this creative work in the working of communities and mainstream educational opportunities



Please email your expression of interest to us by 15th May 2018.  Just send us a short email, telling us about why you’d like to attend the retreat and what your arts practice or creative interests are.

Places are limited to 20 participants, and we have 10 places left.


For more information please visit AELA’s Earth Arts website.
If you have any questions, please contact:


All the best,
The AELA Earth Arts teamMichelle Maloney, Jenny Brown and James Lee
3 May 2018






AELA News – May 2018



Hi everyone!

We hope this email finds you well, and that you’re enjoying the turn to Autumn. In this email, we’re excited to share news about a range of events and projects AELA is working on during the next few months. Please scroll down for an update about our projects – and here are the headlines!




  • AELA AT RENEWFEST  19-20 May 2018. Mullumbimby, Northern NSW.  AELA is hosting a 2 hour workshop about GreenPrints  our fabulous project that helps local communities build Earth centred governance in their bioregion – join us for a fun, informative, interactive experience and never look at your bioregion the same way again!
  • Call for Papers closes TOMORROW – for the North Queensland New Economy Symposium, being held on Magnetic Island on 14-15 July Visit NENA’s website for all the info about how to submit a proposal to give a talk or host a workshop at this fantastic symposium.  AELA is co-hosting with the New Economy Network Australia and the North Queensland Conservation Council – join the movement that’s challenging big coal in North Queensland!
  • Join our International Symposium on Rights of Nature, Legal Personhood for Nature and Caring for Country, being held in Brisbane 25-26 October.  The Call for Proposals closes on 18th May – so visit our website, submit your proposal and we’ll see you at this exciting event which features Indigenous and non-indigenous speakers from Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Ecuador, India, Colombia, UK and Europe.
  • Rights of Nature Arts Celebration – everyone’s invited to be part of AELA’s national arts fiesta, celebrating the rights of nature.  Host a community event, creative conversation or art exhibition to celebrate the natural world and we’ll share it on our gorgeous new AELA Earth Arts website.  Visit our website to find out more.
  • International Permanent Peoples Tribunal on the Impacts of Fracking – join AELA as we present the case for why fracking, coal seam gas and other forms of unconventional gas and oil exploration violate the rights of nature.  We’re working with the Earth Law Alliance in Europe, to present the case via zoom on 17th May, 7.30am to 9.30am (Australian time).  For more information about the Rights of Nature sessions at the Tribunal, visit this website and for info updates about AELA’s session, like our facebook event page.



Don’t forget to like our facebook page and consider making a donation towards our work, by giving a one-off donation, or becoming a Monthly AELA Supporter.  Hooray!

All the best





Dr Michelle Maloney
National Convenor
Australian Earth Laws Alliance
3 May 2018