The Centre for Interfaith & Cultural Dialogue invites you to a seminar on

Climate Change Pacific IslandsClimate Change and Faith in the Pacific Islands

The seminar is being presented by Dr Patrick Nunn from the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Tuesday 6 Nov
Tea coffee and biscuits will be served.
7 pm start.

Free parking available at N 38

Please RSVP to by
October 30.

Speaker Biography: Patrick Nunn is a geographer and climate-change scientist who has been researching in the Pacific Islands region for more than thirty years. He has current projects in the Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, Kiribati, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu that look at the reasons why most external interventions for climate-change adaptation fail to be either effective or sustained. With others having a long-term involvement with the IPCC, he shared the award of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize; he was Lead Author on the “Sea Level Change” chapter in AR5 and has been appointed Lead Author on the “Small Islands” chapter in AR6. In May 2018, he was awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Geographical Society of Queensland. He has authored over 250 peer-reviewed publications including several books, such as “Climate, Environment and Society in the Pacific during the Last Millennium” (Elsevier, 2007) and the more popular “Vanished Islands and Hidden Continents of the Pacific” (University of Hawaii Press, 2009). A recent article in The Conversation summarises Patrick’s views on faith-informed adaptation interventions – see

Dr Brian Adams

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It’s now an inescapable reality: climate change is here.

This is a turning point, but there’s still time to act. In a month’s time, people in Australia and around the world will demand a Fossil Free future. On every continent we will stand together and say — enough is enough.
As temperatures rise, so do we.

Support #RiseForClimate on September 8. has  just released a video on climate impacts people are facing around the world right now. Watch and SHARE it and let’s get people making the links between rising temperatures and extreme weather, climate change, and what they can do.

Share the #RiseForClimate video on Facebook.

The extreme heat experienced around the world over the past few weeks has broken untold records. Lives have been tragically lost in heat waves in Japan and wildfires in Greece1, 2, whilst Ouargla in North Africa reached a staggering 51.3C and unprecedented fires have burned across the Arctic circle3, 4. California has experience the world’s hottest rain ever recorded and is in the grip of the largest and most expensive wildfire the state has ever seen.5, 6

In Australia, we continue to see the devastating impacts of drought and its impact on our farmers and their livestock. Malcolm Turnbull has finally admitted this drought is linked to climate change… even if he’s not going to do anything about it.

But we are. We’re going to Rise and demand more from local leaders all over the world.

Will YOU Rise with us? 

Your support will help us achieve over 30 actions and events around Australia on September 8 calling on decision-makers locally for commitments on climate change.

Here is just  some of what is in store:

  • In Sydney, people will sail through the harbour and call for climate action;
  • In Canberra, a rally with a dinosaur theme demanding the federal government stop putting the ‘coal’ in COALition;
  • In Brisbane the Pacific Island community will hold a festival calling on the Brisbane City Council to divest from fossil fuels and move to #StopAdani;
  • Darwin will focus on the threat of fracking in the Northern Territory;
  • And in Coffs Harbour, watch for the “Big Sun” symbolising a 100% renewables future in front of the Big Banana.

There will be many more!

Climate scientists have been taken aback by the severity of the heatwave we’ve seen these past weeks, but “hothouse earth” is not our destiny – if we act now.7

Bold action on climate change couldn’t be more urgent. But whilst we’re starting to see a shift in climate leadership from national governments — like the Irish government divesting from fossil fuels last month8, the pace is painfully slow.

So that’s why 350 is working with organisations around the world to call on local decision-makers everywhere  to take a lead in building the Fossil Free future we need. Local leaders can do their part to keep fossil fuels in the ground, demand an end to new coal, oil and gas projects like Adani and build a just, 100% renewably-powered future.

They can, and they have to.

Together, let’s Rise for Climate Action!

In solidarity,

Andrew, for the 350 Australia team


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