Koalas Need Your Help

The sad reality is most koalas don’t survive when their homes are torn down. While searching for a new home, they suffer from starvation, deadly infections and attacks from dogs and cattle.

A tax-deductible gift from you today would help our work with koala carers, by providing essential medical supplies to help rehabilitate koalas for a return to the wild.

Your donation will also help us plant trees to create homes and safe habitat corridors for threatened koala communities. Plus, it will support us to put the pressure on governments to stop excessive tree-clearing that destroys koala habitat, so we can protect wildlife for the long-term.

With less than 48 hours remaining in this financial year, now is the best time to make your tax-deductible donation.

Please donate before June 30 to help save our amazing koalas and the trees they call home – before it’s too late.



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Dermot O’Gorman
CEO, WWF-Australia







The Joint Report was released on “National Threatened Species Day” – 7th September.

RSPCA Queensland records show that rescues of forest-dependent wildlife more than tripled from 2,331 in 2011 to 7,950 in 2016, with much of this increase put down to habitat destruction.

QLD This coincides with the news that more than 1 million hectares has been cleared in the past 4 years in Queensland.

Bulldozing of forests in Queensland has killed tens of millions of the wild Australian animals living there.

Why are we allowing this to happen? Who is responsible for allowing this to happen?
Scientists estimate tree-clearing in Queensland now kills 34 million animals each year: 900,000 mammals like koalas, possums, flying foxes and gliders, 2.6 million birds like cockatoos and 30.6 million reptiles including goannas, dragons, skinks and native geckos.

Koalas are front and centre of this animal welfare crisis and we all must do something to halt the carnage that has our native vegetation and wildlife on a fast track to extinction.

We are fast losing what makes Queensland, “Queensland”.

Please read more here: http://www.wwf.org.au/news/news/2017/tree-clearing-causing-queenslands-greatest-animal-welfare-crisis#gs.AvlXalw.

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