An update from the National Parks Association Qld.
Coming together for national parks.
Welcome to the Summer 2018 edition of Protected.

As 2018 ends it is worthwhile to consider our work in 2018 and how we might be more effective in the coming year.

This year NPAQ and over 20 other conservation groups came together to call for national park expansion and better management. We are hopeful that government funding and resources will be focused on enhancing our protected area estate. In the meantime, we seek a moratorium on eco-tourism developments.

We are campaigning and petitioning to make this happen.

Visit to sign the parliamentary petition against development in national parks and support our campaign.

Finally, I would like to thank our collegiate and dedicated Council, staff who are often doing a lot with very little and volunteers who make a great contribution.

Wishing you all a happy and peaceful Christmas!

Graeme Bartrim – NPAQ President

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Coming together for protected areas
Our state’s biodiversity has borne the brunt of much of our activity.
Our living outback
A place of beauty and diversity, the Australian outback is one of the last great regions of nature left on Earth. Outback Queensland boasts landscapes, rich in natural and cultural heritage, covering nearly two-thirds of our state.
Wetlands: under threat
The Ramsar convention encourages the designation of sites containing representative, rare or unique wetlands, or wetlands that are important for conserving biological diversity.
Conservation on neighbouring lands
Nestled along the border with New South Wales, Queensland’s Sundown National Park is a rocky gem about 300 kilometres southwest of Brisbane. Noted for its ridges and steep gorges, Sundown National Park can be reached by walking track and off-road vehicle.
Dingo dinners
The dingo is Australia’s largest land-based predator, occurring across most of the mainland and on many nearshore islands. New research, published in the journal Mammal Review, reveals the breadth and diversity of dingo diets across the continent.
Park experience
It’s a tiny pocket of woodland squeezed to the west by the Bruce Highway, to the south by Deception Bay Rd, and on its other flanks by residential developments.
Ranger of the month
A Park Ranger in Great Sandy National Park. A Butchulla man (the Butchulla people are the Aboriginal Traditional Owners of K’gari aka Fraser Island). Holding an identified Indigenous Ranger position and a passion for culture. Find out more about the ranger of the month.
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Sign our petition to demand the Queensland Government say no to the privatisation and destruction of our National Parks.  (Sign Here)

Hinchinbrook Island, Whitsunday Island and Cooloola have been declared national parks because of their exceptional scientific, ecological, heritage and recreational values. Any changes to the land tenure of those national parks will lessen the protection of those exceptional values.
Public opinion, actively demonstrated over decades, indicates that citizens believe that areas declared as National Parks form a vital part of the state’s heritage for all to enjoy.
We call upon Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, and Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef, Leeanne Enoch, to ensure that:
  • The whole of Hinchinbrook Island, Whitsunday Island and Cooloola National Parks are retained as national park with no private development within them;
  • The three national parks are properly managed so as to protect their exceptional values; and
  • No private development is permitted within any of Queensland’s national parks.


Tell all your friends, they should join you!

To Friends of Protected Areas

We Love Parks

NPAQ along with WWF and TWS and many conservation groups, including QCC,  thank you in advance for participating in the Protecting Queensland Campaign – to build a world-leading protected area system for Queensland!

It’s been months in the making with numerous conservation groups and countless great people providing input.

Download the Media Release:
Queensland protected area alliance position paper (NPAQ Conservation)


Most wildlife-rich state in Australia is now seriously at risk, and immediate action is needed to grow and better manage protected areas.

The associated environmental groups have today released a new six-point plan calling on the Palaszczuk Government to act urgently on protected areas, as Queensland increasingly lags behind other states.


This is the website link:

This is the link in Facebook:

The message is simple: Koala habitat must be legally protected.

The list will be made available to any group who can use it! Anyone can sign on. But we’re not yet at 1000 and the list won’t go out until we hit that number.
It is definitely not a petition it’s a lobbying tool. So for example Steve Cubio is Tourism Minister and member for Moncrieff.
So 1000 friends of koalas can send him emails which demand he supports immediate habitat legal protection in south east Queensland or 1000 Friends can send out press releases.
The list doesn’t have to be sent to politicians but we need to know there are 1000 Friends to ensure it’s legitimate. The list can grow and become 2000 etc
This is Sue Arnold’s message -1000 Koala Friends is going to be used for Federal Elections and is going to be made available to any groups who also want to use it to support their own issues.
By the same token it is also going to be useful for QLD and NSW elections because there’s no way of differentiating the emails to know whether they have come from NSW and QLD.
The primary focus is the federals but we encourage people to use them at state levels.
We’ve told all groups if they want to use the list, they are more than welcome to.