Attacks on Wildlife

Following a number of attacks on wildlife near Buckleys Hole Conservation Park, BIEPA lobbied for a ban on exercising dogs off-leash in this area. This was partially successful, resulting in a reduction in the length of the dog off-leash area on Red Beach.

Cane Toad Challenge Project

BIEPA became an active participant in the Cane Toad Challenge Project, launched by Prof. Rob Capon of the University of QLD and which is ruled by a strict code of ethics relating to humane treatment of the toads. A team regularly patrols areas where cane toads are prevalent, collect adults, euthanise them and transport them to the University lab where the pheromone from their glands is used to make baits which lure toad tadpoles into traps. A number of these traps have been installed in wetlands around the Island.

Following the successful application for a grant to purchase equipment, BIEPA recommenced the Water Monitoring Project. A number of sites were identified, and volunteers regularly collect data under various parameters, then enter it into Healthy Land & Water’s database.

Wallum Wildflower Walk

BIEPA has been a long time supporter of the Wallum Action Group (WAG – a community native plant nursery) and the Bribie and District Wildlife Rescue (BDWR).

Hosted National Parks Association Annual Event

BIEPA hosted the 2013 National Parks Association of Qld annual event to celebrate the establishment of the first National Park in Qld in 1908.

BIEPA published “Bribie Birds”

an attractive guide, richly illustrated with original photographs, to the numerous bird species seen on or around the Island. Copies of the Book are available for purchase here.