You can help save a bird who’s so beloved it’s on our ten-cent coin!


The Superb Lyrebird, may now be at risk of heading towards extinction after the bushfires blackened over half its habitat.

Lyrebirds are both beautiful and sometimes fierce! They have to be because they’re up against a lot.

Females take four or five years to begin breeding and prefer long-unburnt vegetation, where they lay only one egg each year. And both baby and mum are targets for a whole host of predators, even when the undergrowth is thick and protective.  

Now, with so much of their forest homes burnt, they’re in desperate need of refuge. With the summer fires destroying vital vegetation, lyrebird populations may be impacted for decades.

Please help save birds like this Aussie icon from extinction. We don’t want to have just a 10c coin left to remember them by.




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